Client Projects

Below are 4 examples of very different businesses that Ugli Fruit Media have serviced. Our diversity is one of our key strengths, and our knowledge of the Food & Drink industry is unparalleled.

Logo & Brand Guidelines, Web Design, Social Media Management, Online Marketing and PR & Communications.

Multi award winning Citylicious is a partner company, so we have been embedded into the business from conception. From the current logo design to everything Citylicious represents, Ugli Fruit Media is responsible for. We continue to manage every aspect of their online and offline presence.

Web Design and Site Management, PR & Communications, Social Media Management, Online Marketing and Photography.

The Middle East in Edinburgh group of restaurant consist of 5 restaurants. Hanam's, Pomegranate, Laila's, Souq and the recently opened Pomegranatae Express. We initially were brought in to manage their social media, however, our relationship has grown and we now manage all of their marketing, social media, PR and have now taken on their websites.

Pr & Communications, Social Media Management, Online Marketing, Content Creation, Photography and Site Management.

We have represented Kinrara Distillery since before they launched in April 2018. Since then we have enjoyed an excellent first year. As with all our clients, Ugli Fruit Media regard ourselves as part of the Kinrara team. Our close relationship is at the core of this success. As the business grows, so do our responsibilities within Kinrara. We manage all of their online presence and assist with their offline presence.

Pr & Communications, Content Creation, Social Media Management, Online Marketing and Press Liaison.

We started working with Highland Wagyu in 2015. Initially we were contracted to manage their social media channels and assist with graphic design. Our relationship evolved alongside the growth of the HW brand, assisting with the online marketing and PR for the opening of Wagyu House in 2016 and The Grill by HW in 2018. It has been an honour to work with Highland Wagyu and represent one of the most highly regarded producers in the world.


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