JP McLachlan from JP & Duck's in Aberlady answers the Citylicious 'Quick Fire Questions'.

November 21, 2018

John Paul McLachlan has worked in Michelin star restaurants with Raymond Blanc, Gordon Ramsay and Martin Wishart, as well as having his own signature restaurant at with the MacDonald Hotel Group. He's now a partner and the Head Chef at Ducks.


Ducks has been synonymous with fine dining since its early days in the centre of Edinburgh. The restaurant in Aberlady now offers similar delights and matching standards.

For those looking to experience a great dining experience with a room attached Ducks is the perfect choice!

 Why a chef?

I was a milk boy delivering to a restaurant and was overwhelmed by the head chefs presence


Who was your mentor?

As a young chef I read a lot of Raymond Blanc & Gordon Ramsay cookery books


Your journey?

Been very lucky to have worked in the kitchens of Raymond Blanc , Gordon Ramsay , Martin Whishart & a few free working days at Andrew Fairlies


Food hero?

All of above


Food Heaven?

Fish & shellfish


Food Hell?

Deep fried pizza from a chippy


Favourite Restaurant?

Spondi in Athens


What’s your style?

My own style from the experience from learning from the chefs above


Busman’s Holiday?

Singapore to my good friend Colin Buchans restaurant



 ‘ Time for a good sleep ………..’


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